BYD Is Supplying LFP Cells to Tesla’s Giga Gruenheide, EVs Will Arrive in September

1 Jahr, 11 Monate her - 11. August 2022, autoevolution
BYD Is Supplying LFP Cells to Tesla’s Giga Gruenheide, EVs Will Arrive in September
When the first rumors about BYD supplying batteries for Tesla emerged, we were almost sure these LFP cells would end up in Chinese vehicles. Sina Tech corrected that by stating that the actual destination was not China but Germany.

According to the Chinese website, Giga Grünheide will start pumping out its first vehicles with BYD batteries in about one month.

Sina Tech’s sources told them that BYD had shipped Blade Batteries to Europe. That means the Chinese carmaker and battery producer will not keep the best for itself and sell generic LFP cells to other companies. If BYD vehicles use Blade Batteries, so will client automakers.

For Tesla, these Blade Batteries mean that Model Y units with these special LFP cells are going to be made in Europe from now on. Before that, Giga Shanghai would export the Model 3 and the Model Y to the Old Continent. With local production, the only vehicle Tesla’s Chinese factory will manage to ship is the electric sedan. At least if everything goes according to plan, which did not happen.

The plan was to make the German Model Y with 4680 cells. That will not happen anytime soon because these larger batteries are still not mature enough to be used on a large scale. Tesla is installing some of them in the Model Y made in Austin, but there is a high risk that these customers are working like guinea pigs without their consent. Tesla did that recently with the Model S when it delivered five vehicles that were produced solely for tests. The company recalled them when it realized these EVs did not comply with federal safety regulations.

On top of that, Giga Grünheide is allegedly facing 50% of rejects with its cast parts, which is affecting the factory’s productivity. Until that issue is solved, it is very likely that Giga Shanghai will have to supplement Model Y’s German production. At least it will have trustworthy cells to power the cars Giga Grünheide manages to assemble.

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