Wunderlich Has A New Cowl For The BMW R18

1 year, 9 months ago - 03. August 2022, rideapart
The "Rock and Roll" windshield adds a little protection and extra style for the R18.

If you want to add some visual weight to the front of your BMW R18, consider this new headlight cowl from Wunderlich called the "Rock and Roll.

Attaching to the LED headlight assembly, the "Rock and Roll" cowl takes from the world of cafe racers, and a little bit from the world of touring cruisers. Due to its size, expect it to deflect some wind off your chest or your helmet, but don't expect it to be cross-country ready like the massive units you see on baggers. This cowl is more of an aesthetic piece that adds a little more to the front of the R18, helping balance the visual weight in the front with the weight in the rear. 

The part is small compared to the rest of the bike, but it's big enough to give the front some extra presence, and the rider a bit of wind protection. As a visual addition to the R18, it doesn't just come in black-on-black. Wunderlich also gives buyers the option to choose between metallic black, matte black, and matte red for a starting price of just €599 EUR (a little over $600 USD). If you want a snazzier color, be prepared to fork over about a hundred Euros extra, as the black and red with white pinstriping will set you back €699 EUR (a little over $700 USD). All in all, there are seven colors to choose from, and as mentioned, decals will cost you extra over the base price. 

Expect quality and fitment to be sublime, as with most of Wunderlich's parts, especially the ones meant for the R18. The BMW Motorrad specialist uses a traditional ABS plastic polycarbonate construction. Inside the box, expect to find a sturdy bracket for the cowl along with all the hardware and a good serving of thread locker. It's also important to note that all of the hardware is also finished in black. 

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