1988 BMW R100GS Heads to Auction, Will Steal Your Heart at No Reserve

2 years, 3 months ago - 04. August 2021, autoevolution
1988 BMW R100GS Heads to Auction, Will Steal Your Heart at No Reserve
Venture off the beaten path in style with this ravishing piece of mechanical glory.

Whenever you open your browser and search for online motorcycle auctions, bidding platforms like Bring A Trailer are almost guaranteed to fulfill your heart’s desires at any given time. 

These websites are home to an abundance of two-wheeled marvels, ranging from vintage rides and limited-edition rarities, to modern superbikes and affordable commuters.

Since we noticed our readers have a strong affinity for Beemers of all shapes and sizes, we'll go right ahead and introduce you to a 1988 BMW R100GS that’s being offered at no reserve. The Bavarian is brought to life by an air-cooled boxer-twin engine, with a displacement of 980cc and two valves per cylinder. This four-stroke predator feeds its oomph to a five-speed gearbox, which is mated to an enclosed driveshaft.

When the tachometer hits 6,500 rpm, the twin-cylinder powerplant will bring about a peak horsepower figure of 60 ponies, while a torque output of 56 pound-feet (76 Nm) will be conjured at 3,750 revs. Upon reaching the rear hoop, this whole ordeal enables the R100GS to accomplish a top speed of 112 mph (181 kph).

The powertrain components are enveloped in a tubular steel duplex cradle skeleton that sits on telescopic forks up front and a Paralever suspension module on the other end. Stopping power is provided by a single brake rotor and a two-piston caliper at the front wheel, along with a drum setup at the rear.

We know you’re aching to learn how much this German superstar will cost you, so we’ll skip the other technical details. At the time of this article, the top bidder is offering 3,500 bucks for Bavaria’s dual-sport fiend. If you’re feeling inclined to surpass this amount, you’ll have to visit Bring A Trailer before Friday afternoon (August 6), when the online auction will come to an end. We’d say riding atop this German warrior would be an ideal way to spend the remainder of this summer!

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