Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 "Soldier" Looks Ready for Battle

14. January 2020 - autoevolution

Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 "Soldier" Looks Ready for Battle

Before any purists start spreading the "love", I have to mention that we're dealing with a rendering here, so there's no reason to fret - there are absurd real-world G63 six-wheeler builds to fret about.

With that out of the way, let's zoom in on the details of this pixel contraption.

First of all, there's a military theme, which can be seen thanks to elements such as the camo finish or the window "protection" of the vehicle - given the fact that the Gelandewagen sold until 2018 was a heavily updated version of the 1970s original, which started out in life as as a vehicle for troops.

Secondly, this puppy looks more like the kind of custom ride someone from the army would drive in his or her spare time. Then again, this is related to the tiny ground clearance of the Affalterbach monster.

Fortunately, though, the said ride height is the result of an air suspension, which means the one behind the wheel can easily lift the vehicle, so the rugged terrain abilities are kept in check.

However, getting off the beaten path would require giving up on the custom wheels of the G63 6x6, which are supplied by Govad.

In fact, this rendering is loaded with standout elements, with these demanding one's undivided attention, while being found outside and inside the vehicle.

Digital artist Yasid Oozeear, the pixel magician behind this tale, decided to test the attention of the audience by introducing a second wacky virtual build in the background.

To be more precise, we're looking at the Mk I Ford Transit here and it appears that the engine bay of the workhorse now houses a pair of massive turbos attached to... some engine.