Latest BMW M4 Spy Photos Reaffirm Changes Seen On The New Convertible

11 months, 1 week ago - 15. June 2023, Motor1
Latest BMW M4 Spy Photos Reaffirm Changes Seen On The New Convertible
The lightly disguised coupe reveals a few very subtle differences from what we saw in May.

BMW is putting a new 4 Series through its paces. Due out sometime in 2024, it's been seen out in public recently, including today when we saw this blue M4 coupe on the road outside the Nurburgring. While most of the car is uncovered, it's wearing camouflage on both ends to mask the most significant changes for the next version of BMW's high-performance coupe. 

We showed you the first photos of the facelifted BMW M4 Convertible at the beginning of May. Like that car, the changes to the bumpers seem very minor. The large kidney grille still looks unchanged, but it is framed by headlights showing their new graphics. Down low, the openings on either side of the grille appear slightly different than the convertible, which could be due to trim packages. Otherwise, the photos of the coupe are consistent with the convertible.    

In the back, the rear lights hide under camouflage but bear more than a passing resemblance to the taillights of the M4 CSL. Quad-tipped exhaust pipes poke out from underneath the bumper, nestled in the rear diffuser. The shape of the trunk is less noticeable and appears to have a slight lip, which was missing on the convertible's trunk lid.   

We don't have details yet on engine options, but they will likely carry over or be similar to the current M4. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six pumps out an incredible 543 horsepower in CSL trim, but the lower spec M4s aren't shabby either. The current engine already makes more power than advertised, and even though it's the most powerful inline-six BMW has ever offered, there's still room for a few more horses in the stable. 

Overall, the photos tell us that BMW isn't resting on its laurels with the 4 Series. As a top-shelf convertible, the current M4 is in a class of one. It and its coupe sibling offer enough performance to embarrass an unsuspecting Corvette or Porsche driver. Even so, BMW continues to tweak, refine, and improve this car, so when the next one launches, it will be even better.

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