Harley-Davidson Purple 23 Is What Happens When a New Breakout 117 Simply Isn't Enough

7 Monate, 3 Wochen her - 05. Oktober 2023, autoevolution
Harley-Davidson Purple 23 Is What Happens When a New Breakout 117 Simply Isn't Enough
Enough time has passed since the introduction of the new Harley-Davidson Breakout with a 117 engine in the frame for us to start witnessing a rush going through the custom industry. That happens as more and more garages get hold of the bike and start converting it, oftentimes resulting in builds to be remembered.

The latest modified Harley-Davidson Breakout 117 comes our way thanks to the German over at Thunderbike. They took in one of Harley's latest products and turned it into something the Americans probably didn't even think the ride could turn into.

As one of the most important Harley dealers in Europe Thunderbike knows to appreciate a bike well made, and by their own admission, the new Harley-Davidson Breakout is more than that. Yet, Thunderbike's customizer side can't help from feeling the ride could use more. And that's how this thing here, now called Purple 23, was born.

The main idea behind the build was as simple as it was effective. As it rolls off the lines, the Breakout does not come with luggage fittings (they can be had optionally, though), so that's what Thunderbike targeted first.

Detachable locking saddlebags were fitted to the bike's rear, hanging on the left and right sides of the bike (check gallery for more details on that). That's only a taste of how a bagged Breakout could look, as the shop offers several options for luggage setup, including a sissy bar and several bag options.

For a shop the size of Thunderbike the simple fitting of bags was obviously not enough, so the rear was also gifted with a wider swingarm and a pulley system. They hold in place a 260 mm wide tire, slapped over the original wheel.

Whereas the rear fender was pretty much left alone, the one at the opposite end is of the custom variety, pulled over the stock rim. Covers in all of the important places, new LED lights, and other small but effective custom parts contribute to making the Purple 23 shine like no other Breakout.

The biggest changes come as the installation of a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system over the motorcycle's stock engine. The stance of the ride was altered thanks to a 20 mm lowering kit, and so was the riding position, on account of the much taller handlebar.

The list of parts used on the Breakout is some 33 items long, and they have a combined value of around $8,400. That's not including the base bike, exhaust system, paint job, and man hours. When you take all of that into account you're probably left looking at a ride that's worth very close to the $40,000 mark.

But I have a feeling this will not be the most expensive Breakout 117 to cross our paths in the months ahead so we'll keep an eye out for more. 

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