Rock‘N’Roll Cycles Six-Cylinder Honda Gold Wing-Derived F6C Custom

1 Jahr, 2 Monate her - 23. März 2023, rideapart
Rock‘N’Roll Cycles Six-Cylinder Honda Gold Wing-Derived F6C Custom
This build from Germany has a flat motor, just not one from a BMW.

Rock’N’Roll Cycles is a shop based in Germany and headed by Stefan Becker. Around since 2012, Becker got his chops with Yamaha in the Supersport World Championship before making it into the custom scene. 

The bike that we have here is a bit unusual because it’s not a Honda Gold Wing, but it is. The F6C is a model variant that can trace its roots back to the Gold Wing family of motorcycles in the 1990s. It keeps the flat-six motor of the big Honda, coming in at 1,500ccs, and it weighed over 300 kilograms (661.39 pounds). 

Slimming down the heavyweight bike involved a lot of work. It was slimmed down and simplified with an aluminum monocoque that envelops the tank and also forms the seat, with a bit of padding on top, of course. After all the work, about a hundred kilograms (about 220 pounds) were shaved from the bike. The frame was also edited by Becker with YSS struts, upside-down forks, and wire-spoke wheels in a 17-inch size—front and rear. All of the modifications result in an around 250-kilogram motorcycle (about 551 pounds). It’s still a big bike, but not as big as it once was, slimmed down and smoothed out. 

Another key characterizing feature of this bike has to do with the exhaust system. After the chassis was sorted, the six-to-six exhaust system with an adjustable silencer was fitted. For every piston on this bike, you get one muffler, and it should sound glorious. Three mufflers are located on each side, making for a wild and unique look. 

According to Motorrad, the bike was initially built by Becker for himself. However, if someone were to shell out €25,000 EUR (about $26,550 USD) for it, he would be ready to part ways with the motorcycle.

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