New Mercedes-AMG A45 Getting Ludicrous Tune To 592 Horsepower

09. January 2020 - Motor1

New Mercedes-AMG A45 Getting Ludicrous Tune To 592 Horsepower

There are also 543 hp and 469 hp tunes from Renntech.

Renntech is a major name in Mercedes-Benz tuning, and the company's latest undertaking gives the A45 a significant power upgrade. While the stock output of up to 416 horsepower (310 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) is impressive, the company has kits coming in the first quarter of 2020 that can push the power as high as 592 hp (442 kW).

To get the full 592-hp output, the A45 requires a modified turbocharger, exhaust, and engine software. The same is true for Renntech's upcoming 543 hp (405 kW) upgrade. If you don't want to make the mechanical changes, then the firm also has a tune making 469 hp (349 kW) and 424 lb-ft (575 Nm) that only requires software changes.

The company doesn't make any performance claims for the upgrades at this time. The stock A45 S gets to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 3.9 seconds. The extra power should shed a few tenths off that time.

Renntech is working on other parts for the A45. By late February, customers can order an optional downpipe and sports catalytic converter. There's also an upgraded exhaust on the way that improves the vehicle's sound but retains the original catalytic converter. As another option, customers can add a remote-controlled exhaust valve module that lets the owner fully open the pipes regardless of driving mode.

The company is also working on some aesthetic upgrades for the A45. There are 19- and 20-inch wheels that are available in either cast or forged construction. The larger ones are available with an optional painted outer ring.