A Convertible Tesla Model 3 Exists So You Can Fully Enjoy Electric Motoring

21. May 2020 - autoevolution

A Convertible Tesla Model 3 Exists So You Can Fully Enjoy Electric Motoring

For those wondering how driving a convertible Tesla Model 3 would feel like, an actual Model 3 Convertible exists.

It's a conversion by Newport Convertible Engineering from Huntington Beach, California, and it's said to be "the perfect way to enjoy electric motoring."

Assuming knowing you're no longer burning gas is not enough to make every ride a pleasure in itself, you can now add the bonus of the open-top experience. Riding in an all-electric car with the wind in your hair is touted as the ideal way to enjoy electric motoring: "enjoy the silence [and] the sounds of nature."

Newport Convertible Engineering, a subsidiary of Mega Engineering Vehicles, Inc., is based in Huntington Beach, California, and it's been chopping up cars for 37 years. As of late, the team over at NCE has taken their skilled hands to a four-door Model 3, and the result is visible in the gallery attached.

With this Model 3, NCE has become the only U.S. manufacturer in the whole wide world to deliver convertible Teslas. MotorTrend reports that the whole process lasts two or three months and will cost you between $30,000 and $40,000, depending on what you want. The more expensive conversion includes a power-folding top.

Every car that's been converted comes with a "basket handle" roll hoop and additional body bracing to maintain rigidity, notes the same media outlet. The roof folds down and is stored in the space behind the headrests of the rear seats. When deployed, it maintains the rounded form of the original roof the car came out of the factory with.

The waiting period includes testing against moisture and wind, with NCE promising a top-notch job to match your top-notch EV. Speaking of, the conversion will drive the total price of your Model 3 upwards of $100,000, depending on which configuration you start with. But the feeling of riding with the wind in your hair, the silence and the absence of toxic fumes is, as the saying goes, priceless.