Watching This Monster Chopper Build Come Together Is So Satisfying

1 Monat, 2 Wochen her - 09. April 2024, rideapart
Watching This Monster Chopper Build Come Together Is So Satisfying
Grind Hard Plumbing Co has clearly chosen its name for a reason, and nowhere is that clearer than on this project.

Here's the funny thing about visions: If you believe in them, and you keep working toward them, making them real is more likely than not. Don't believe me? Check out what the guys at Grind Hard Plumbing Company have accomplished with their monster chopper build so far.

Back in September 2023, we first started telling you about "an off-road chopper using comically huge mud tires." And while that description wasn't inaccurate, those of us looking on from the outside could of course not see the whole of the vision already at work here. To anyone watching the video, it was a pair of gigantic mod tires and a KTM 1190 engine. Cool, but not yet cohesive.

By November 2023, it had grown to include a custom single-sided swingarm. Little by little, the picture was starting to come into focus for everyone on the outside who wasn't actually the ones building this bike. And why? Because piece by piece, GHPC was grinding away, taking their time, and documenting the build process along the way.

Fast-forward to the end of March 2024, and things are coming together beautifully on the monster chopper build. In this video, we get to see yet more progress as a killer rear fender with excellent stabilizer fins, a sweet custom gas tank (that also forms the seat pan), and even some brakes (gasp) make their way onto the bike.

First up is the rear fender, which (as always) takes a bit of fiddling, patience, and practice to get it looking the way they want it to. Time has a way of being expansive when you're trying to dial a project in just right, though. From an English wheel to hammering and bead rolling the edges to enhance both the looks and the structural rigidity, it takes bonus experimentation on a practice piece to perfect the process before moving on to the real thing. 

Honestly, for me, that's one of my favorite things about GHPC videos: That they're not afraid to show you how they figure things out and make them work. It's very much a process, and one that sometimes requires multiple iterations before they have the final process dialed in to get the result they want. Learning and growing your skills in any creative endeavor, by necessity, involves a lot of trial and error. How you refine your processes to reach your desired end goal is ultimately what sets you apart.

So, by the end of this video, you'll not only see the fender, but you'll also see a really cool custom fuel tank/seat pan come together, as well as the snowy harvesting of dormant brake components from a previous Hayabusa build out in the frozen hinterlands of the GHPC grounds. 

Piece by piece, the GHPC monster chopper is coming together into a creation that's giving serious off-road Batpod vibes, and we're here for it. Can't wait to see what it's going to be like when it's finished.

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