Watch the New Audi RS3 Break a Nurburgring Record

2 Wochen, 5 Tage her - 25. Juni 2024, Motor1
Audi RS3
Audi RS3
The BMW M2 is no longer the fastest compact car at the Nordschleife.

Well, that didn't last long. Less than a year ago, BMW bragged about setting a record at the Green Hell for the fastest production car in the compact class. Piloted by Jorg Weidinger, the Bavarian coupe lapped the Nordschleife in 7 minutes and 38.71 seconds. That record has now been rendered obsolete as the new Audi RS3 has managed to shave off more than five seconds.

Still camouflaged because it hasn't been officially revealed yet, the 2025 RS3 completed the challenging course in 7 minutes and 33.12 seconds. Behind the wheel was racing and development driver Frank Stippler who drove the hot sedan equipped with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R semi-slick tires. The four-door pocket rocket also had ceramic brakes, a stiffer RS-spec adaptive suspension, and a retuned chassis.

Although the 2025 S3 has more power than before, that's not the case with the facelifted RS3. Since the car featured here is a European model, it uses a slightly detuned version of the 2.5 TFSI engine. The turbocharged inline-five is rated at 395 horsepower. In the United States, the pre-facelift RS3 belts out 401 hp.

The absence of more power comes somewhat as a disappointment considering Audi Sport boss Sebastian Grams has hinted at extra oomph. In an interview in May 2023, the man in charge of RS cars said:

"We will increase the five-cylinder for the next step. We will improve that. There's still a way to go. We have done the RS3 Performance Edition, which is faster, which has more performance, which has bucket seats, and another calibration. You can see that we will really sharpen our products in the future."

The special version he mentioned was a not-for-America limited edition that had 401 hp, therefore matching the US-spec RS3. Of course, a hotter derivative based on the new-ish RS3 could arrive in the coming years. It would likely use the ultimate version of the inline-five since Audi has hinted that the engine is not long for this world given stricter emissions regulations.

While Americans do get more power as standard, Europeans can get a five-door hatchback as a fancier and more powerful alternative to the Volkswagen Golf R. The wraps should come off in the coming weeks since Audi will begin to take orders in Europe for the 2025 RS3 in late August. Dealerships will receive the first cars in October.

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