Tesla Model X vs. Audi e-tron Drag Race Is Much Closer Than Expected

19. November 2019 - autoevolution

Tesla Model X vs. Audi e-tron Drag Race Is Much Closer Than Expected

Over the years, Tesla has built a reputation as a maker of some of the fastest family cars in the world.

Without burning a gram of gas, the Model S and even the Model X have taken on sports cars, supercars, and engine-swapped SUVs. However, luxury European automakers want in on the action.

While Porsche's first-ever EV is the Taycan, an exotic-looking $200,000 four-door toy, most other companies have put their twin motors inside crossover bodies, which they believe are going to be more popular. This includes the Jaguar I-Pace, the Mercedes EQC and the hero of this story, which is the Audi e-tron.

Now, the e-tron doesn't have the best reputation in America, the home of both Tesla and drag racing. People aren't happy with the range an the performance. But over in Britain, Tesla isn't like this well-established automaker yet, while Audi is one of the most popular luxury brands.

Right now, there's only one version of the e-tron, and it doesn't exactly sound like a drag racing monster. It delivers about 400 horsepower, but only for short bursts of acceleration. Fifth Gear never specifically mentions which version of the popular EV this is, but we believe it's the Model X Long Range, specific to the 2019 UK range and rated at "415bhp and 487lb ft." The numbers are mentioned in quotes because they're unusual for Tesla.

Regardless, the two reviewers here are siding with the Tesla, saying that even though it's a longer car, it's lighter than the Audi. Depending on where you read those figures, that might not be the case. So if acceleration is your thing, the outcome of the race should be the only factor. In two separate heats, the Tesla edges ahead by a nose. But that's the outcome usually associated with this brand, and many UK buyers will just side with the cheaper e-tron, coming from the brand they're most familiar with.