Redtail Overland Debuts Solar-Powered, Hard-Sided Rooftop Camper

1 Jahr, 11 Monate her - 25. Mai 2020, Motor1
Redtail Overland Debuts Solar-Powered, Hard-Sided Rooftop Camper
An added layer of protection between you and the wildlife.

Redtail Overland, a Longmont, Colorado-based company, has introduced the first-ever hard-sided rooftop camper or RTC.

Hardshell rooftop campers have always had soft-sided walls. This makes foldability possible for these bulky portable tents, hence allowing a more convenient setup. You'll just have to fold the top and bottom shells together and you're good to go – a far more convenient stowing process than soft-shell rooftop campers.

In fact, even top lists of best hardshell rooftop campers that are published recently don't come with hard-sided walls, showing the lack of this technology for pop-up motorhomes. Redtail begs to differ with its hard-sided rooftop camper, made out of carbon fiber.

Redtail's RTC aims to offer an added layer of protection from the wildlife when you're off-roading or on your camping trips, as well as added stability, noise reduction, and weather-proofing – things missing in soft-walled rooftop campers. And, since it's made out of insulated carbon fiber, Redtail touts that the RTC is both strong and lightweight, factors to consider when adding something on top of your vehicle.

Apart from the hard-sided walls, Redtail's RTC also comes in two sizes (RT 90 and RT 110) to fit various vehicle sizes, as well as up to 330 watts of solar power and 60 amp hour of lithium battery bank. The latter allows dimmable LED lighting, high flow variable speed fan, heat, charging ports for gadgets, and inverter. Lastly, the hard-sided wall comes with clear dual pane windows to allow entry of natural light.

And oh, Redtail RTC comes with a floor hatch to allow direct vehicle access for vehicles equipped with sunroofs.

Redtail offers pre-order of its hard-sided rooftop campers, priced at $25,000 for the RT 110 and $20,000 for the RT 90. All Redtail RTCs are handcrafted in Colorado and built-to-order. Construction orders is set to being in August 2020.