Bitchin’ Rides 1962 Volkswagen Samba Is the Ultimate Party Bus

09. März 2020 - autoevolution

Bitchin’ Rides 1962 Volkswagen Samba Is the Ultimate Party Bus

In the world of custom builders, the name Dave Kindig needs no presentation. The man behind the Salt Lake City, Utah-Kindig-It Design shop is a familiar face for fans, made so with the help of Velocity TV’s Bitchin' Rides, and a respected name in the industry, made so with the help of his builds.

On the air since 2014, the Bitchin' Rides show has been a source of incredible cars right from day one. In its first year, the team behind the show worked its magic on cars like Chevy Impalas, Dodge Challengers, Ford Model As and so on. Also from 2014 comes the 1962 Volkswagen Samba Bus in the gallery above.

The Samba was a variant of the Volkswagen Type 2 built from the 1950s that was to become the most luxurious one in the family. Setting itself apart with its 23 windows (later 21) and pivot doors instead of the usual sliding one, the Samba was made from 1951 to 1967.

Being part of an iconic class of cars, the Samba did not escape the long claws of the tuning industry, and over the years there have been some notable creations based on it. Kindig himself, for instance, customized a bunch of them. The man is responsible for a 1965 Samba with 21 windows that sold for a record-setting $302,500 at an auction in 2017.

This year one of his other Samba projects, a 1962 model, is going under the hammer at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction in April in the hopes of performing at least as great.

Designed by Kindig himself, it follows the two-tone paint motif of the original Sambas, this time pitting Jet Black against Silver Metallic. The body’s all 23 windows are chromed, the front and rear bumpers have been shaved, and Fuchs wheels complete the exterior look.

On the inside, there is Ashwood flooring, an L-shaped bench and, not an easy feat for a build completed in 2014, a motorized pop-up TV to go with the JL Audio and video system.

The Bitchin’ Rides 1962 Volkswagen Samba sells with no reserve.