VW Nivus Shows Familiar Dashboard In New Teaser Video

2 years, 5 months ago - 16. March 2020, Motor1
VW Nivus Shows Familiar Dashboard In New Teaser Video
It also carries the brand's new logo.

The launch of the Volkswagen Nivus comes sooner by the week, and the marque has been releasing teasers revealing details about the newest model bit by bit. In this latest tease from Volkswagen of Brazil, the coupe crossover is shown with the new VW logo crowning its front and rear fascia.

Of course, the new crossover, which has the footprint of the Polo, won't stray away from VW's design language. In fact, it gets a lot of styling cues from the T-Cross but with an extended cargo area and sloping roofline, giving it a sleeker profile than the T-Cross. A what-could-be rendering has been made before, so you might want to check it out for a clearer view of what we're talking about.

The similarities with the T-Cross don't stop there. The new teaser video also shows some bits of the Nivus' interior, which shadows what the T-Cross has. The VW Play, the brand's new proprietary multimedia system, stands out on the dashboard, which shows that the Nivus will have park assist, start-stop system, and electric trunk opener. The steering wheel mimics the one found inside the T-Cross, adorned with the new VW emblem.

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