VW Builds Virtual Geneva Motor Show Stand You Can Explore

06. April 2020 - Motor1

VW Builds Virtual Geneva Motor Show Stand You Can Explore

In lieu of the canceled motor show, VW builds a virtual tour.

Needless to say, the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on businesses – including the automotive industries. Production of parts and automobiles has been suspended, and the grandeur of launches has been either moved on to a later date or completely canceled, prompting automakers to launch their vehicles via online channels.

Case in point: Volkswagen. The German automaker was dead set in giving the public a memorable experience at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, but since the entire show has been canceled because of the pandemic, Wolfsburg resolved to reveal their cars on the internet.

But this doesn't mean that VW's Geneva booth would completely go to waste. You can only imagine the time and effort in designing the booth, which should have showcased the latest in VW's portfolio and should provide a glimpse of the brand's future.

For that, VW's releases a virtual tour of what could its Geneva booth look like. Volkswagen's virtual 360-degree Geneva Motor Show booth is interactive, and it's like you're there walking around the area. Yes, complete with music and bright lights.

Present in VW's booth are, of course, the ID family, which should show us the marque's offensive in terms of electric vehicles. This includes the ID.3, as well as the whole VW Golf 8 family. The latter includes the sporty versions of the compact car, the GTI, GTD, and GTE.

The Geneva Motor Show isn't the only auto show that has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Paris Motor Show has been partially canceled, while New York Auto Show and Beijing Motor Show both got postponed until a later date. The Detroit Motor Show has been completely canceled, however, with the venue repurposed as a hospital.