This Guy Turned a Jetski Into a Snowmobile

3 weeks, 2 days ago - 06. May 2024, rideapart
This Guy Turned a Jetski Into a Snowmobile
Why can't you have it all?

I love snowmobiles. I love jetskis. But you know what I don't love? Buying two machines. And that's despite Sea-Doo offering the cheapest 300 horsepower on the face of the planet. I'm just not made of money. 

And neither are the guys from the YouTube channel Shred Eighty, which is why they've decided that to fulfill their own love for both waves and powder needed to be satiated with one unholy union. I'd like to introduce you to the affectionately-named "Snowmo-Jet.

This is one of those times I'm proud to be an American, as no other country could've come up with such a brilliant abomination. 

The Snowmo-Jet started life as a 1992 Yamaha Exciter snowmobile and a much newer Sea-Doo jetski, though I'm not exactly sure which one. What I can see from the video, however, is that the guys from Shred Eighty seem to hollow out much of the Sea-Doo so they could literally drop the hull and controls onto the Yamaha, which works remarkably well together. 

And to test everything out, they tested everything out on backcountry snow trails, fresh not-so-deep powder, a motocross track (why not at this point?), and, of course, pond skimming. It is after all part jetski. I'd hope it would still hit water with some proficiency, though, you know, it's pretty cobbled together.

They then take it to a lake and...immediately sink it. Again, what'd you expect?

That said, the Snowmo-jet will return in a future video and have been, supposedly, upgraded so that it could skim across the larger lake. The idea is incredibly dumb fun, but that's exactly the sort of fun you have with either a snowmobile or jetski. Why not mash them together like a toddler eating Mac 'n Cheese?

Fingers crossed the Snowmo-Jet gets nitrous in a future iteration.

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