Mansory's BMW X7 Is So Minty You Won't Need to Wear Cologne

1 year, 4 months ago - 31. December 2022, autoevolution
Mansory's BMW X7
Mansory's BMW X7
Mansory is about to expand its portfolio to include yet another crossover, the BMW X7.

The Munich auto firm’s flagship high-rider will get the usual updates on the outside, next to a very minty finish.

According to the controversial tuner, the upgrades will fit the facelifted BMW X7. However, the official renderings accompanying the announcement showcase the pre-facelifted iteration, and you don’t need to be a connoisseur to tell the difference, as there are no split headlamps anywhere in sight.

Usually, Mansory tends to keep the OEM bumpers and add new parts to them. However, in this case, the front one is all-new, and it incorporates a smaller grille and a bigger central air intake. The side vents were reshaped, and quite surprisingly, there is no pronounced apron anywhere in sight. The fenders have become more muscular at the front and rear, and so have the side skirts.

At the rear, the new bumper incorporates a more aggressive diffuser, which has cutouts for the quad exhaust pipes. The tuner’s logo has replaced the BMW roundel in the middle of the tailgate (and on the hood for that matter), and there are two additional spoilers, one above and one below the rear windscreen. The chrome trim between the taillights has been blacked out, and so have all the shiny accents on the outside, including the window surrounds, and roof rails.

Although they look similar to the standard offering, the wheels are new as well. Sporting a concave shape, a multi-spoke pattern, and new center caps, the maximum size available will be 24 inches. It is likely that they will rework the suspension too in order for the BMW X7 to sit closer to the ground, albeit not too close, as it should still be quite comfortable.

Mansory has yet to open the door, but once they do that, they will reveal a completely updated interior. We’d expect some very lively leather upholstery, in a similar vein to the minty finish on the outside, additional carbon fiber trim, embossed headrests and floor mats, and perhaps a starlight headliner too to further enhance the ambience at night in the X7.

A power boost is also said to be on the menu, though they have yet to reveal anything about the numbers. Nevertheless, this is Mansory and not Underground Racing, so we wouldn’t hold our breath for any mind-blowing upgrades performed under the hood, where the V8, which is likely the mill that will be massaged to deliver more power, should make the X7 a bit quicker than stock. Everything will probably be wrapped in a package that will cost a small fortune, and as usual, the tuner should offer complete builds eventually, likely for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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