Giga Berlin Seen Gearing Up For End Of Q2

11 months, 2 weeks ago - 13. June 2023, Inside EVs
Giga Berlin Seen Gearing Up For End Of Q2
Tesla's Giga Berlin appears busier than ever before the end of Q2 2023.

Whenever a quarter nears its end, Tesla amplifies all its efforts to the nth degree. From discounts and limited-time offers to enhanced pressure on delivery center advisors to offload more units, the end of a quarter at Tesla is no less than chaotic. 

To support these efforts to sell more vehicles, Tesla's Gigafactories become busier than ever, working nonstop to produce as many units before the quarter's end. YouTuber and photographer Tobias Lindh has been paying keen attention to the developments and activity within Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, also known as Gigafactory 4. 

Lindh records areas of Giga Berlin using a drone to capture many areas typically not within view of a casual passerby. This allows viewers to get a look at loading bays and delivery logistics sites. 

Per Lindh's videos, Giga Berlin appears busier than ever. Around 20 carriers are seen loading up on Model Ys in one frame. In the lot, many Quicksilver examples and several Midnight Cherry ones are dotted across the space. 

In the first quarter of 2023, Tesla increased its production volume by 44% year-over-year, attaining 440,808 total units (all models included). Sales were up 36% year-over-year, with 422,875 recorded deliveries. Despite last quarter's successes, Tesla's efforts in Q2 seem to be bolder than last's. By the end of 2023, Tesla is aiming for 1.8 million units sold.

With Tesla's progress thus far in 2023, that goal seems like a more attainable target to hit. From footage at Tesla's several Gigafactories, it looks like the EV automaker is working in overdrive to produce as many cars as possible. With increased production numbers and new discounts on inventory numbers, a highly successful Q2 is likely within Tesla's reach.

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