Electric Porsche 935 by Bisimoto Looks Stealth, Has Charging Port Nose

12. November 2019 - autoevolution

Electric Porsche 935 by Bisimoto Looks Stealth, Has Charging Port Nose

It's not just Porsche that keeps the iconic 935 racecar under the spotlights (there's a new model based on the 991.2 GT2 RS, remember?).

For instance, an EV swap 935 has recently surfaced and it seems just as crazy as you'd imagine, and then some.

This electric 935 is currently displayed at SEMA, making for one of the craziest builds at the SEMA venue - the electric charging port located in the nose of the car is one of the very few clues towards the electron juice conversion of the vehicle.

The build comes from aftermarket specialist Bisimoto, who has a fetish for Porsches, and EV West, a developer that has come up with a cradle destined for accommodating Tesla motors at the back of old Porsche 911s.

At least for now, the info on the project is scarce, but you can rely on the media at the bottom of the page to check out the plug monster. The details of the machine are amazing, as, for instance, the lighting signature of the contraption is the kind that will keep an aficionado dreaming.

And no, this isn't one of the original Porsche 935 racecars, which came to the world starting from 1976, as the massively successful motorsport incarnations of the 930-generation 911 Turbo.

Instead, as Bisimoto mentions in an Instagram comment, we're looking at a 935 K3. This probably means the thing was built by German specialist Kremer Racing, which first came up with these non-factory units back in the 70s - the developer still builds similar kits, be this street-legal or not and has even moved on to water-cooler Neunelfers as starting points, such as this 997 we discussed back in 2017.

Electric swaps for iconic machines are a thing these days, whether we like it or not. Fortunately for those of us who remain dedicated to the suck squeeze bang blow side of motoring, Bisimoto also showcased a good old twin-turbo 935, called the 935X, at SEMA. 

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