Ducati Refines 2023 Ducati Panigale V4 Range With Minor Updates

2 years ago - 14. July 2022, rideapart
2023 Ducati Panigale V4
2023 Ducati Panigale V4
New electronic upgrades fine-tune the track weapon.

Ducati introduced the most significant update to its Panigale V4 sportbike range in 2022. The brand from Bologna typically revises its superbike on a yearly basis, but the 2022 model received an overhaul in several key areas.

Thanks to data gathered in MotoGP and WSBK, Ducati upgraded the Pani V4 with race-bred aero, ergonomics, gearing, and electronics. However, riders push the performance envelope with each year, and Ducati keeps its top-tier sportbike at the forefront with slight revision in 2023.

The 2022 Panigale V4 bumped peak horsepower to 210 (at 12,500 rpm) and torque to 90.6 lb-ft (at 11,000 rpm), but all that power means nothing without control. Ducati’s Engine Brake Control (EBC) Evo 2 now features gear-by-gear calibration for all three selectable modes, providing an unprecedented level of stopping power and control. 

The new system predicates braking intensity according to rear-wheel load. With this new layout, EBC Evo 2 mitigates engine braking during the initial phase of braking, when the load on the rear wheel is lightest. The system progressively increases engine braking as the Ducati reaches the corner apex. This approach not only maintains balance in the braking zone but also reduces rear-wheel lockups.

The 2023 Panigale V4 also pulls out of the corner exit with smooth acceleration thanks to the Ducati Quick Shift. The firm’s quickshifter already ranks among the best systems in the industry, but the new strategy optimizes fluid gear transitions regardless of throttle and gear position. Reconfigured ignition timing eases shifts at partial throttle, while an adjusted torque restitution phase settles the bike during wide-open gear changes.

Ducati also adapts the Pani’s cooling fan to maximize performance and rider comfort. The Traction Control parameters now rely more on lean angle readings, and the Ride-by-Wire delivers more torque to the back wheel. The latest revisions may add a new level of sophistication to the Panigale lineup, but the V4 and V4 S trims remain in the same red livery.

The 2023 Ducati Panigale V4, V4 S, and V4 SP variants will feature the electronic-based upgrades, but Ducati Service providers can also update previously-purchased 2022 V4, V4 S, and V4 SP units starting in late July, 2022.

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