VW turns metal from car wrecks into iPhone cases

10. Mai 2018 - autoblog

VW turns metal from car wrecks into iPhone cases

A response to a Swedish law aimed at texting and driving

Here's a novel and creative — if slightly eerie — way to get people to think twice about picking up their phones while behind the wheel. Volkswagen is teaming up with brand management company NordDDB in Sweden to make smartphone cases from crumpled metal salvaged from car wrecks caused by texting and driving.

The project is meant to draw attention to a new law that went into effect in February in Sweden banning drivers from using their phones in a manner deemed "detrimental" to their driving, according to Swedish news outlet The Local. VW says that hasn't helped decrease the number of crashes.

The automaker and NordDDB are making only 153 of the handmade, numbered cases — one for each crash since the ban went into effect, the companies say. The "Crashed Case" retails for 599 krona, or about $69 at current exchange rates, and fits the iPhone 8. All proceeds go to Trafikskadefonden, a Swedish organization that helps victims of car crashes.

It's certainly an interesting idea and a worthy cause, and dare we say the scuffed-metal covers even look cool. But of course there's the whole creepy backstory factor.

That the new ban hasn't helped accident rates is sadly in line with the conclusions of other studies that have found no statistically significant drop in accidents in the wake of cell-phone bans.