The New Porsche Macan EV Bares It All In Design Sketches

4 Monate her - 24. Januar 2024, Motor1
The New Porsche Macan EV Bares It All In Design Sketches
Plus, Cadillac intends to show an electric V performance car in 2024.

Porsche shows the Macan EV in revealing design sketches, and Cadillac announces an electric V.

2025 Porsche Macan EV Design Sketches

It's safe to say that Porsche has never generated this much hype around a new product. Finally debuting on January 25, the next-generation Macan is being teased one last time in surprisingly revealing images. The design sketches complement the official photos fully showing the interior that were released at the end of last year.

Don't let the evolutionary styling trick you into believing the new Macan is related to the gas model. It sits on a different platform developed from day one exclusively for EVs. From the details released thus far by Porsche, the top version is going to have over 600 horsepower and 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-meters) from a dual-motor setup. The juice is going to be provided by a large 100.0-kilowatt-hour battery that can handle 270-kilowatt charging.

Porsche describes the 2025 Macan as a sporty crossover with a "striking design" and equipped with all-wheel steering. It'll be offered with a rear electronic locking differential and a sophisticated air suspension with two-valve dampers. Following its debut on Wednesday, it's slated to go on sale later this year when Audi will launch its equivalent model, the Q6 E-Tron.

While an official announcement has yet to be made, the Macan EV is widely believed to supersede the gasoline version in the European Union. Porsche apparently won't be allowed to sell the current crossover for much longer in EU countries because of forthcoming cybersecurity regulations.

Cadillac To Show Electric V Later This Year

The V series is about to enter the electric era as Cadillac has announced a zero-emission performance vehicle will break cover later this year. The disclosure was made during a media roundtable, where journalists were asked to "stay tuned" for an electric V model. Cited by Automotive News, a company spokesperson said enthusiasts should look forward to "performance variants no matter the propulsion."

It's unclear whether Cadillac was referring to a production model or a concept. Regardless, the CT4-V and CT5-V sedans along with the Escalade-V SUV with their powerful combustion engines will be complemented sooner or later by a hot EV. 2024 is an important year for GM's luxury brand and the V Series since it marks 20 years since the first production model, the 2004 CTS-V.

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