Speeding and a Middle Finger on the Autobahn Amount to 75 Times Standard Fine

1 Jahr, 9 Monate her - 09. August 2020, autoevolution
Speeding and a Middle Finger on the Autobahn Amount to 75 Times Standard Fine
While the German Autobahn is widely regarded as the last stretch of tarmac both open to public driving and surpassing every car’s limits, people should really understand the authorities are not playing a free-for-all game.

More precisely we must combat the common misconception that Germany's Holy Grail for automotive enthusiasts is completely void of speed limits. Seriously, it is not.

Case in point our example coming from the Facebook page of the Upper Franconia Police Department. What we have here is a regular BMW X5 from what appears to be a second-generation model lineup. The interesting bits concern the colors of the image and the people inside – the driver, to be exact. The shades clearly demonstrate we are dealing with a screen capture from a speed detection device.

With that point out of the way, we can focus on the action inside the SUV. Not much is happening – this is a still photo, not a video. But the snapshot tells us the entire story. According to the police report, the driver manhandling that huge and untamed German beast of an X5 is just 26-year old. And he looks to be serious lacking in the home education department.

We are not going to say that giving the middle finger in traffic has never happened to anyone – we all know that fits of rage are quite common in traffic. But they usually involve some other human participants – not an innate object such as the camera from a standard speed control point.

But we do have one small piece of advice. If you cannot help but being a rude idiot, do not be so stupid as to be caught on camera! More precisely, you could get a 75 times higher reward for your marvelous education. Thank you, universe, we really needed to see an example of how bad deeds do come back to haunt people.

Courtesy of the District Court of Kulmbach, the inspired BMW speeder turned his 20-euro fine for surpassing the speed limit by just 11 kph (6.83 mph) into a nice €1,500 ($1,700) paycheck to the authorities. This could become a classic lesson for those thinking that anything is allowed, and no one deserves respect.