See A Porsche 911s And Gt2 Rs Perform Ice Ballet On Frozen Lake

6 Jahre, 2 Monate her - 16. März 2018, Motor1
See A Porsche 911s And Gt2 Rs Perform Ice Ballet On Frozen Lake
Skiing behind a Porsche while it drifts around a snow-covered lake? Seems legit.

The latest video from Porsche asks some very interesting questions. We all would love to drive a classic 911S, and we'd certainly love to have a go in a new 911 GT2 RS. If you had to choose, which one would you take? Furthermore, would you still be gung-ho about it if the drive was on a snow-covered lake? And perhaps most importantly – if you couldn't drive either, would you at least ski behind one? Yes, we mean ski behind a Porsche. On a frozen lake.

Honestly, we've had a go in a few Porsches  through the years, so our answer to the last two questions is a resounding yes. There's actually a good reason Porsche cars have been used to some success in the rally world, and it stems from that engine in the back putting all kinds of weight on the rear tires. As long as you're comfortable with and reasonably skilled in opposite-lock control, a 911 on snow tires – studded or otherwise – is positively heroic in the snow. As for skiing behind one, we certainly don't condone such action in public but it looks like terrific fun, especially with such a good soundtrack to enjoy.

As for which car we'd choose, one might think the 690-horsepower (545-kilowatt) GT2 RS is the obvious pick because it's flipping amazing, but the decision isn't quite so simple. You see, the other car in this video isn't just a vintage Porsche 911S. It's a rather famous rally-spec model wearing its livery from the 1970 Firestone Rally, an event that Porsche won four years in a row through the late 1960s and early 1970s. And let's be honest – even with studded snow tires there's no possible way to use the prolific horsepower of the GT2 RS on a frozen, snow-covered lake. In such a setting we suspect the classic Porsche just might be the way to go.

We aren't entirely sure of the reason behind the video, save for the chance to have an epic photoshoot with new-and-old 911s doing what they do best – getting sideways. Whatever the purpose, we're so glad it was all caught on video for the world to enjoy.

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