Nissan Has Prepared Two Camper Van Concepts With Impressive Features for Tokyo Auto Salon

2 Jahre, 3 Monate her - 27. Dezember 2021, autoevolution
Nissan Has Prepared Two Camper Van Concepts With Impressive Features for Tokyo Auto Salon
Now that the 2021 Tokyo Motor Show has been canceled, the SEMA-styled Tokyo Auto Salon is the last hope for Japanese carmakers to promote their creations.

Nissan seized the opportunity to show some wild custom concepts, among them being two camper van concepts with some clever ideas.

Nissan recently revamped their NV350 Camper van and is looking to promote the new model. With the Tokyo Motor Show out of the way due to the international health crisis, the next domestic event in line is the similarly named Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2022. It’s a Japanese take on the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, so custom builds and tuning parts are to be expected. Nissan will be there with 10 concepts and models but we reckon the most interesting are the two camper van concepts dubbed Mountain Base and Myroom.

Mountain Base surely looks the most impressive of the two with the faux-wood trim around the sides and the integrated front grille. The side windows are replaced with solar panels, but those are also complemented by the roof-mounted foldout solar panel that can be raised, angled, and swiveled to get in the optimum position. The wheels and tires combination marks the go-anywhere nature of this concept, that matches its name.

Unfortunately, the flair outside does not have a correspondent inside, with a big bench and worktop occupying all the space. What’s more interesting here is the skeletal structure that holds everything in place. The sole picture from the interior shows a digital fireplace, but that won’t keep you warm at night when there’s no bed inside. It may be a base camp, but you’ll still have to set up a tent if you want a place to spend the night.

The Myroom concept seems to have this base covered and it might prove a tad more practical, even though the vehicle is not that well prepared to take you off the track. It looks rather bland on the outside, but the interior is truly nice and even somehow glamorous. The space in the picture appears vast, with lots of cabinets and modern-looking furniture, complete with a king-sized bed. There’s additional storage under the bed, and we assume it’s there where you stow away the mattress when not in use.

If Nissan wants to shine in the camper van department, they should seriously consider combining the two concepts into a real Base Camp with all the amenities of the Myroom concept. That would be awesome and would surely attract more people to Nissan’s booth at Tokyo Auto Salon. Otherwise, they might miss the Notes and the Ariya on the booth. 

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