Next-Gen Aston Martin DB11 Spy Video Captures Throaty Exhaust Note

1 Jahr, 2 Monate her - 28. März 2023, Motor1
Next-Gen Aston Martin DB11 Spy Video Captures Throaty Exhaust Note
It sounds like it has a V12.

Aston Martin has been testing a deceptive-looking DB11 since the start of the year. It looks like the current model at first glance, but noticeable differences at the front indicate this is the next-generation model. It was recently caught testing at the Nurburgring race track, with video capturing the exhaust note.

No one will mistake this coupe for anything but an Aston Martin. Its shape is unmistakable. While it looks much like the DB11 that’s been on sale for about six years, the front features new headlights and a larger grille. However, the camouflage covers any other significant styling changes Aston made to it, and the rear and sides look identical to the current car.

Our photographers have yet to capture the cabin up close, but the photos from the ‘Ring provide a clear enough view to see some of the changes. The instrument cluster binnacle has a new shape next to a restyled dashboard. The dash-mounted infotainment screen in the current car isn’t visible anymore, with a red button occupying its former location. Previous spy shots of the car at a gas station showed Aston hiding the dash under a sheet.

The spy video above captured the Aston’s exhaust note, and it sounds like the belting V12 we’re used to hearing. The car’s current twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V12 should power its successor, which makes 630 horsepower in its current form. The next-gen car could see as much as 700 hp under the hood. Former CEO Tobias Moers said early last year that the automaker would continue offering a V12 for several more years.

Aston Martin also offers the DB11 with a V8, which should carry over to the next iteration. However, it’s unclear if the company has plans to add some form of electrification as the industry moves toward offering battery electric vehicles.

It’s not clear when Aston will reveal the new model. We wouldn’t be surprised if it debuted before the year-end for the 2024 model year, especially if the successor retains the current powertrain setup. The Aston Martin DB11 debuted in 2016, replacing the DB9. The company also offers the DB11 Volante convertible. 

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