Modern BMW Isetta Looks like an Electric Bubble, Keeps Front Door

13. Januar 2020 - autoevolution

Modern BMW Isetta Looks like an Electric Bubble, Keeps Front Door

More than six decades after its introduction, the BMW Isetta continues to put a smile on our faces. But what if the Bavarian automaker would reinvent the bubble car?

Well, the rendering sitting before us comes to deliver an eye-catching answer to the question above. The pixel power showcases a modern-day Isetta, with these renderings appearing elaborate enough to rival the official design sketches that normally show up during the early stages of such a project.

Then again, there's no official hint on BMW reviving the egg-shaped machine, as this work comes from independent artist Tamir Mizrahi, who is currently studying transportation design in Turin, Italy.

The front-hinged door seems to be in place. And the canvas sunroof of the original had to be here, as this was designed to be the escape path in the event of a crash that rendered that front door useless.

In fact, it looks like this creation shares the full-width rear axle principle of the Iso Autocarro. The latter was the commercial version of the vehicle, which was produced by Italian company Iso - this is the original developer of the Isetta, which came around in 1953, while BMW redesigned the machine and introduced this back in 1955.

"What about the potential for this rendering to become an actual BMW model?" I hear you asking.

As mentioned above, the automaker hasn't expressed any intention to revive the badge. Nevertheless, given its dedication to niches, its electrification efforts and the increase for urban transportation solutions, there might just be a business case behind such a comeback.

Meanwhile, German carmaker Artega has launched the Karo-Isetta, an EV remake that's set to reach its first customers this spring - you can find a few renderings of the production model in the second part of the gallery above.

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