Mercedes-Amg Teases Hotter Gt R To Lure New Employees

5 Jahre, 10 Monate her - 10. Januar 2018, Motor1
Mercedes-Amg Teases Hotter Gt R To Lure New Employees
This is likely the road-going version of the company's GT4 race car.

Mercedes-AMG punctuates a rather dull recruiting video with a brief look at its hardcore variant of the GT R. Putting the camouflaged vehicle in an official vehicle hints that a full debut isn't too far away.

The vast majority of this video from Germany has brief interviews with Mercedes-AMG employees that talk about what it's like to work in various roles at the company. The highlight for us comes at the 2:50 mark in the clip when the host gets into a camouflaged AMG GT R.

The brief look reveals that the model has a modified version of the GT R's front fascia, and this version as an air dam that extends even further, which gives the coupe quite a big chin in profile. The biggest change at the rear is that the exhaust now exits from the corners, rather than the middle like the standard GT R. The wheels feature slightly thicker spokes, and the rear wing seems to have a steeper angle of attack, too.

Earlier spy shots caught the development of a model very similar to this one. Because the front air dam and exhaust arrangement are so much like Mercedes AMG GT4 race car (below), the speculation suggests that the upcoming variant is a road-going version of it.

We don't yet know how Mercedes would make this equipment available, though. One possibility is that the company could make this a dedicated model – think of the relationship between the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and standard 911 GT3. Alternatively, the changes here don't appear very extensive, so this could be an option package for the GT R – like the 1LE package for the Camaro ZL1.

Regardless of what Mercedes-AMG calls this model or how the company sells it, the division's ability to sharpen the GT R even more is impressive. The existing version is already a very capable coupe.

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