Huawei's Aito Launches Flagship SUV: New M9 Is a Cinema on Wheels

1 Monat, 3 Wochen her - 31. Dezember 2023, autoevolution
Huawei's Aito Launches Flagship SUV: New M9 Is a Cinema on Wheels
This is the Auto M9, the SUV developed by Huawei and Seres. It is a serious BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS contender with a daring design and a cabin full of screens.

The model joins Aito’s lineup, with the M5 and M7 already being on the market. The M9 is the largest of them all. It is 5.2 meters in length, which is enough to make room for six seats on board in a 2+2+2 configuration.

There are similarities with the first Huawei-backed sedan, the Luxeed S7. The car sports triangular headlights connected by an LED strip. The headlights can also act as projectors, displaying still images and videos. Capable of recognizing vehicles and pedestrians both, they are also able to direct rays to prevent blinding other traffic participants.

From the side, the retractable door handles and multi-spoke wheels draw attention. The SUV is 206 inches (5,230 millimeters) long, 78.7 inches (1,999 millimeters), and 70.9 inches (1,800 millimeters) tall, sporting a wheelbase of 122.4 inches (3,110 millimeters).

The cabin integrates six seats in Nappa leather and three screens at the front: a 16-inch touchscreen, a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, and a 75-inch head-up display with groundbreaking augmented reality. The system is powered by the Huawei-sourced Harmony operating system.

Four more 10-inch screens can be installed in the headrests of the first and second row of seats. A 25-speaker, 2,080-watt audio system is also on board.

The M9 comes to battle models such as the BMW X7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS, while the local contenders are the Nio ES8 and Hongqi E-HS9.

The model starts at 469,800 yuan, which is the equivalent of $65,787, while the range-topping version starts at 569,800 yuan ($79,790). The Aito M9 will be available for purchase in the Huawei flagship stores all over China. The Chinese tech giant is planning to open 800 showrooms next year.

The car is equipped with an air suspension, which enhances comfort for the occupants.

The variant equipped with a range extender, EREV, is powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine which plays the part of a generator. There are two e-motors that power the car for a total of 489 horsepower (496 PS).

Customers can choose either the 42-kWh or 52-kWh ternary NMC battery pack provided by CATL. With the range extender in action, the car can drive as far as 846 miles - 871 miles (1,362 kilometers - 1,402 kilometers) or between 140 and 171 miles (225 and 275 kilometers) on electric power only.

The electric Aito M9 comes with two electric motors that generate together 523 horsepower (530 PS). Energy is stored in a 97-kWh battery pack, which allows the car to drive for 391 miles (630 kilometers) before it needs to be plugged in again. 

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