BMW Recalls CE 04 Electric Scooter Over Loose Horn That May Interfere With Steering

1 Jahr, 8 Monate her - 17. September 2022, autoevolution
BMW Recalls CE 04 Electric Scooter Over Loose Horn That May Interfere With Steering
Based on the Concept Link design study, the boringly-named CE 04 is an electric scooter that replaces the C evolution.

Priced from $11,795 in the U.S., the zero-emission urban mobility vehicle has been recalled to the tune of 252 bikes produced between August 2021 and August 2022.

On August 22nd, the Bavarian company became aware of an incident in Germany involving a 2022 model year CE 04. The report states that “the steering may have become blocked, and that the rider was not able to control the motorcycle, which resulted in a crash.” Obviously enough, BMW didn’t waste any time with the subsequent investigation into this uncanny event.

The analysis indicated that the steering had become blocked as a result of … wait for it … a horn that had become partially detached from the motorcycle. The German company further notes that the mounting hardware may not have been appropriate, whatever that means. Evaluations of engineering drawings and specifications determined that horn mounting hardware for similar models from BMW may not have been appropriate.

Better late than never, the safety boffins decided in favor of a safety recall. BMW is otherwise unaware of any further accidents or injuries associated with this problem. Dealers will be instructed on September 20th to remove and reinstall the horn with a slightly longer screw than the factory screw.

The suspect component bears part number 9 908 415. Known owners of the CE 04 will be notified by BMW via first-class mail on October 31st with instructions to bring their e-scooters in for the aforementioned remedy.

Currently listed as a 2023 model on BMW’s U.S. website, the CE 04 carries a suggested retail price of $11,795, excluding $595 for the destination freight charge, tax, title, and registration. Good for 42 ponies and 2.6 seconds to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour), the zero-emission scooter promises up to 80 miles (129 kilometers) between charging stops. The battery can be charged from zero to 80 percent in 65 minutes at 30 A / 230 V / 6.9 kW.

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