2023 Land Rover Defender 130 Spied for the First Time

2 Jahre, 3 Monate her - 21. August 2021, autoevolution
2023 Land Rover Defender 130 Spied for the First Time
Land Rover is working on the third model of its Defender family, which is called Defender 130.

This version has the longest body in the Defender lineup, and its extended length is concentrated on the rear overhang.

Our spy photographers caught the prototype in the open for the first time, and we can now see just how large the Defender 130 will be. The third row of side windows provides the answer as to why Land Rover will offer a longer body in the Defender range.

It all has to do with the third row of seats, offered as optional equipment for the Defender 110. Those who have tried it discovered (pun indented) that it is not suitable for regular use by adults. Sure, you may fit for a short journey, and the Defender 130 means to change that aspect.

Land Rover will reportedly use the same wheelbase for the 130 version of its Defender as found on the 110, so the extra length will all come to the back of the vehicle. Judging the size of the wheelbase is impossible from a set of photos, but we can see that the Defender in the photo does not look different from the 110 version if you compare them from the front bumper to the rear axle.

Despite the increased length of the rear, Land Rover still fitted the Defender 130 prototype with a spare tire on the rear hatch. The latter could prove a problem in underground parking spaces, but also in private garages and other cramped spaces. The Defender 130 will probably be longer than the Discovery, so use at least 195.7 inches (4.971 mm) for reference.

Potential customers of the Defender's 130 variant should consider measuring their desired parking space to be sure that they can fit the vehicle without hitting anything with their spare wheel. We suggest that they make sure that the trunk can still be opened in the desired parking space.

Land Rover is expected to launch the Defender 130 by the end of next year, and customers will be able to get it in early 2023. Until then, feel free to enjoy the first spy shots of the prototype in our photo gallery. 

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