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1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland

1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland photo #1
1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland photo #2
1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland photo #3
1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland photo #4
1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland photo #5
1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland photo #6
1998' Nissan Skyline From Poland photo #7
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Karosserie: Coupé - 2 Türen, 4 Orte
Zustand: Gut
Alter: 26 Jahre
Kilometerstand: 162800 km
Kraft: 280 ps
Hubraum: 2498 cc
Treibstoff: Benzin
Getriebe: Manuell, 5 Gänge
Außenfarbe: Weiß
Emissionsklasse: Euro 2
Innenraum: Klimaanlage, Elektrische Fensterheber, Elektrisch verstellbare Außenspiegel, Elektrische Türverrieglung, Servolenkung, Mittelkonsole, Getönte Scheiben, Tempomat
Außenseite: Alufelgen, Premium Felgen, Spoiler, Kundenspezifische Felgen, Heckscheibenwischer
Sicherheit: Antiblockier-Bremsen, Fahrerairbag, Beifahrer Airbag, Seitenairbags, Traktionskontrolle
Elektronik: Bluetooth, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Bluetooth, Navigationssystem, Rückfahrkamera, Informationszentrum, MP3-Anschluss, Fahrten-/Kilometerzähler
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the car and I are in Poland. Unfortunately, I couldn't provide the Polish location, but it is close to the border. The car is exactly in LEGNICA / LIEGNITZ. it's best if interested people contact me via SMS or e-mail, or on Facebook (Bartek Andy)

I would like to point out that all test drives and test drives only after receiving payment. Without that, there is no option for anyone to get behind the wheel. Also, please do not waste your time if anyone wants to take a look. Contact only seriously interested with the right funds.

I am the first owner in Europe and I registered this car myself in the country. I bought it freshly imported into the country straight from Japan.

It is an original R34 GTT with manual transmission, it is not a compilation of any kind. The engine is in perfect condition - the transmission also works very well and flawlessly for its years.

The car always garaged and never driven in winter.

Registered with white Polish plates, insured, with current inspection. POLISH LEGAL STANDARDS

If you want to check the number ER34-004016 I invite you to: https://gtr-registry.com/en-er34-vin-table.php

The hood is metal, reworked and fitted just like the GTR hood under the shape of the GTR bumper. The paint has a few chips, mostly on the roof, and on one mirror. Other than that, it is in good visual condition. The car probably had paint touch-ups while still in Japan. The front bumper is laminate.

The front cups are in good condition and can still be driven without any problems, but front strut tower tops visually need improvement, I add to the car NEW strut tower covers from SR Autobodies in the UK (I lacked time to replace it myself) from underneath the floor and sills are in very good condition without any holes. As is the entire suspension.

Windshield washer pumps do not work (I never used windshield washers, so it came from JP, but I throw in a second working pumps also from skyline)

- The car has a copy of the HKS turbo timer + original dedicated HKS harness plugged in and attached according to the instructions.

- EBC (Electonic Boost Controller) Greddy profec B spec II with MAC electronic boost control valve is installed

- Steering wheel 330mm from japan, mounted on an original HKB hub adapter dedicated to skyline, with unattached horn (I include the original R34 steering wheel + steering tape with the car)

- At the rear suspension is mounted hicas eliminator. Improving traction, grip and handling predictability.

- There are also several CUSCO adjustable wishbones(arms) in the suspension improving suspension and alignment adjustability.

- Exhaust system HKS Silent Hi Power (catback) through from the turbocharger itself, Frontpipe + Downpipe + Decat + Catback (HKS Silent Hi Power).

- MeisterR Zeta CRD+ threaded coilovers suspension - complete with the car I can add a second Cusco thread coilovers with one shock absorber poured, and SWIFT springs.

- The car is on UK Autostar 19 inch rims, with widths - front 9.5" + rear 10.5" (without spacers)

- Check engine is on because Speed Sensor wire from ECU is unplugged (pin 53 or 57 I don't remember now). I unplugged it myself to bypass speed limiter at 180km/h. After replugging the wire, the check engine disappears, but the lock is still active.

- The car has a consult wifi diagnostic interface plugged into the factory diagnostic plug.

- The air conditioning is fully operational, but not recharged. I drained the refrigerant from it with the intention of pulling the engine out, but it did not happen due to lack of time and I did not recharge it. It is tight and functional, never unbolted, so it should be in perfect condition.

- The car has central locking but I don't have the original key with buttons for it (that's how it arrived from Japan). I have two ordinary keys. The original one can be bought in NISSAN SERVICE and programmed, then the car will be opened from the key.

- The car is equipped with copies of the NISMO GTR skirt extensions and rear end extensions made of FRP.

- Side indicators + front indicators in the bumper are white from nismo.

- Rear fog light installed.

- FMIC is mounted in the front, to the factory intake system.

- The car has zero leaks or air leaks of any kind. The clutch does not slip, but there is about half of it, if someone is going to drift or makes clutch kicks, it will probably run out quickly. The car was not drifted by me, or in any way used for sports. Only weekend and shows & shine. It drives smoothly and trouble-free.

+ I add a lot of parts to the car, which are valuable and some of them are hard to find, such as RB26DETT engine covers.

Parts that I add in the price for the buyer:
- second steering rack from Skyline for spare
- second front subframe with front lower arms also from Skyline
- complete RB26DETT covers (now worth about $1600) after sandblasting with screwed-in breather nipples
- additional front timing belt cover transparent RB26DETT
- a set of FRP GTR side skirts front and rear gtr fenders without bumpers
- second set of rear wheel arch extensions also copy gtr
- Intake manifold copy of Greddy + IAC valve matching manifold (r33 one) + 80mm throttle body
- Additional oil drain from the head to the oil pan (the whole set to install)
- set of gaskets for the engine under the intake manifold + under the covers + rubber half moon seals for the rear of the engine.
- big brake kit for the front (brake discs from Lexus 360mm + adapters for brembo 6pot calipers + braided brake lines for the front and rear) but without calipers itself
- original steering wheel from r34 with tape
- mass of little things like adapters for bosh knock sensors and oil, air filters, new bushings for the transmission rod
- new rear manual brake shoes still in the box
- set of new belts for the engine. 3 pcs
- oil filter relocator with 19 row radiator, hoses and filter plate stand + sensor plate stand and new bolt to engine block.
- new rear license plate mount (the one on the car has worn out hinges)
- set of spark plugs new in box 6pcs
- oil pan plug magnetic
- engine oil change Motul 15w50 300v in cans
- an additional set of safety belts for the car because one is missing from the rear (also from r34)
- inner wheel arch covers
- hood rag cover from the inside

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